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Chasing Authentic Travel Experiences @ Abbaba’s Villa

Everyone who visits Abbaba’s Villa talks about the exquisite beauty of this guest house, but Abbaba’s villa is more than a guest house. This old and elegant mansion is an urban oasis that gives one a sense of an exclusive resort in a lush green.

The bubbly and gracious owner, Eyerusalem, better known as Eyo, is an avid collector of antiques and arts. The mansion has great collection of Ethiopian arts and artifacts that tells a great history of the original owner, Eyo’s grandfather, and how his life intertwined with Ethiopia’s great history which gives one a good footing on the Ethiopian Culture.

The rooms are spacious, clean and very comfortable. The breakfasts are extraordinary: fresh fruit from the local organic garden, a variety of authentic local menu, fresh milk every day for making coffee and tea at the guests’ disposal.  Fantastic local and international cuisine for dinner awaits one if they desire so. The friendly and approachable staff also makes the travellers feel that they are a guest in someone's lovely old mansion. Most guests are repeated clients coming again and again.

Abbaba’s Villa gives the authentic travel experience seeker everything wished and more. The kind of local we want to meet is someone with a take on a place, a story to tell, a passion or particular expertise—all linked to where we are. At any given moment, Abbaba’s Villa turns into a celebration of life….the locals would entertain you with their own history, their country and culture and you share yours in a relaxed atmosphere over the famous Ethiopian coffee …showing you how to roast it, and how to enjoy it.

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There might also be a reception for friends and family members and strangers in spur of a moment (Eyo’s spontaneous nature makes all this happen) that affords the guests a rare opportunity to mingle and experience the culture first hand…no tourist guides required…you have it all there from different perspectives and in one spot.

As nice as it is to share travel memories with the people we set out with, there’s a special feeling reserved for the ones we met along the way—a combination of the excitement of something new, curiosity undimmed by extended contact, and relief at not being lost in an unfamiliar place, or not being stranded alone with a book at the restaurant bar.

Authenticity indicates that tourists are searching for a connection with something that is real, unspoiled and rooted within the destination. It has to connect to the localities-- placed in the community. As the owner of this magnificent mansion turned guest house, Eyo’s aspiration is to produce “authentic” travel experiences by facilitating an environment in which the travellers can spend time engaging with local Ethiopians in meaningful ways – past the superficial small talk typical to prearranged cultural experiences. Eyo says their guests can ask honest questions about often misunderstood elements of Ethiopian culture with people interested in sharing their life and culture.

Abbaba’s villa is not a place to stay a night or two, but more of an immersion into the local ambience. Chasing the wild desire for history and the way others live, touring the local beauty and historical spots, whatever the reason, the experience is unbeatable! Eyo’s local knowledge and laid back approach makes for a relaxing stay. Adding her kitchen expertise and homely atmosphere to this, makes it more memorable.

All these experiences can be had without the cost that a prearranged cultural travelling experience demands. This unrehearsed, very spontaneous authenticity awaits you at Abbaba’s Villa. Come and marvel the wonders of life far from home but in an amazing way connected to home.