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Tucked away from Addis Ababas hustle and bustle, Abbaba’s Villa dining experience is regarded by many as a best-kept among Addis Ababa’s restaurants. Surrounded with beautiful tree and plants as well as uniquely decorated interior design guests can enjoy exclusive indoors or outdoors dining depending on their needs. 

For those who would like to relax by the bar and enjoying a glass of wine, there are choices of wines, juices, soft drinks and sprites to choose from. The elegant Lounge Bar is the perfect setting for enjoying a classic drink and relaxes warmly by shimmering candlelight and a glowing fireplace. The restaurant is open for local residents and hotel guests alike.
So come and indulge in an imaginative selection of cuisine, and discover a destination where every bite is a masterpiece of flavor and every plate is a work of art. Just call us to book you table now.

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