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With a growing numbers of western families from Europe and the USA adapting a child from Ethiopia,
Abbaba's Villa has been working hard in meeting the needs of these families to make their adapting and visiting experience in Ethiopia enjoyable. We provide services including airport drop offs and pickups and short tours of the country or only Addis Ababa to meet the needs of each family.


Ethiopia has excellent conference facilities and as a result it has proved popular in recent years with major trade shows, corporate and international events.  We have a wide knowledge and experience in handling these conferences and we have a range of properties in Addis Ababa and smaller towns across the country.
Please contact us for individual or group quotations depending on the equipment you need, the accommodation, the transport to ferry delegates/participants from their hotels to the venues etc.

Tour, Ticketing -Domestic and International

We are happy to handle tour and air ticketing arrangements both domestically and internationally for our clients. We provide a mixture of tour packages and air/road travel ticketing service. We give you the option to choose to travel and visit historical and cultural tourist attractions by road or by air from one city to another within Ethiopia. We arrange airport transfers to your preferred destination (hotel, lodge, safari park, etc…). Airport transfer rates for our clients are very special – much lower than those charged to an on-spot customer.

All you need is to inform us in advance. Trust us to do the booking for you.

Group Holiday

Abbaba’s Villa group holiday packages offers you the opportunity to enjoy excellent holiday experience in Ethiopia and caters for the needs of specialist group holidays sharing a common interest, whether trekking, hiking, running, visiting historical places or simply partying in the exciting city of Addis Ababa.

Catering Service

Need a caterer?
Abbaba’s Villa has years of experiences in delivering a smooth sailing weeding, birthday, office, baby shower, cocktail, welcoming, children, or any occasion party/parties. There is so much to think of in preparing for any party or events.